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I am Panagiotis and I'm currently working in the automobile industry. In April 2020, I had the opportunity to join Codecademy and start a Web-Development course. All the projects are based on exercises during my studies and I'll be adding more as my course progresses.

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Up until today, my experience in coding comes from working on my projects. However, I recently started working on other people's projects, which has given me valuable experience. You can read more about these projects below.

Elisan Antologia

Elisan Antologia is a blog for Elisa Stenberg, a young writer from Finland. She needed a blog to share her writings. Since the project wasn't that demanding, I suggested creating a one-page site styled with W3.CSS to display her documents.

On second thought, however, I made two separate pages since one page would have been too long to read if all of her documents were on the same page.

I worked a lot with handlebars.js in this project and I loved it. I used handlebars to display each of her documents on a second webpage. How to display each article on a different page using their id, was something that I hadn't tried before so, I am quite excited about doing it.

The site displays many photos. There are background photos on the body and for each article. Handling manually the photos became quickly hard so, I started to use the ImageKit CDN for an easier image transformation and conversion.

I learned more about handlebars and the use of an image-CDN. The site is light, loads fast and the Lighthouse results are good. Overall, I am satisfied with the result.

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Revelation Football Club

This has been another interesting project, which is still in progress.

A football club located in Ghana wanted a site to present themselves. Building the site, I had to take into account the lack of infrastructure or/and the slow internet connection in Ghana. The site needs to load and run fast. I use the W3.CSS framework, which is very light and, I will try to use as native Javascript as possible.
One concern is that I use pictures in a webp format. Safari browser doesn't have good support and, since I don't know which Safari version the users will be using, I might have a problem with that but, it's an easy fix.

This is the first time that I am not working alone on a project. The client has an opinion about the state of the site and on the other side, I get pictures and guidelines from a designer, who works with them.
On this project, I had the chance to use a wireframe to show a basic structure for the site. I had read about it during my studies on Frond-End Development but I had never tried it before. I didn't use some computer program, I just made a pdf document.
This situation has taught me a lot about communication.
Overall, I am happy with the process and the progress of the site.

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I am always open to feedback, discussing new projects or creating websites.

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